Meet ROR Editor-in-Chief: Kesha Jeannette

Hey! I'm Kesha, the creator and editor-in-chief behind Raised on Ramen.  I'm a healthy lifestyle enthusiast by day, junk food craver by night, food and travel junkie by choice...rebel by fate.  TN-born, VA-raised, I have a passion for food, travel, medicine and culture.  I received my B.S. in Radiation Sciences, with a concentration in Radiation Therapy from the School of Allied Health at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College, M.S. in Medical Science from Hampton University, before jetting off across the country to study medicine and public health. Raised on Ramen, or ROR, is where I come to combine my love for health and wellness with food and culture.  I'm blessed enough to have a career that allows me to travel, educating people on health issues, and creating sustainable changes that promote widespread health and wellness in high disparity communities.  ROR is inspired by a compilation of lives that have shaped my wellness journey over the last few years! 

I've been working on starting a wellness site for a little over two years.  It was sparked by the need to serve the "in-between" population, young adults between the ages of 17-35, who were transitioning from being solely students to balancing work and life.  Every day that I was in clinic I was seeing young people struggling with early onset of chronic diseases due to lack of proper nutrition, physical activity, and the demands of a busy lifestyle.  Despite my experiences and all I know about the body and how it works, what it needs to function, I found myself in a similar situation.  After several failed attempts to turn my health around, I realized that I lacked a solid foundation, and the key was a basic routine that could carry me throughout the rest of my life. Maintaining a wellness routine in an instant access world isn't easy.  We were raised on ramen, highly processed foods that are quick, easy, and super cheap.  Millennials are facing a different set of realities in terms of long term quality of life and health.  Our diets, priorities, and resources are very different that what has ever been seen before, which changes the way we approach health.  This site reaches young people right where we are, on our terms.  It's not your momma's wellness blog. 

Why Raised on Ramen?

Avocado toast topped with mozzarella and tomato. Super easy, so good!

Fave Quick Recipe:

Gym enthusiast may disagree, but for me it's food.  I'll throw money into eating better (not less), before signing up for the gym.  Proper nutrition is so important to me, if money is an issue you can walk outside.   

Quickest Way to Kickstart Your Wellness Journey: 

"I ain't no salad eating chick" - Queen Latifah (Just Wright)  

Food Philosophy:

Plenty of water, a green smoothie, limited/no refined sugar, and avoiding eye contact with McDonalds.

What Does Your Daily Wellness Routine Look Like?

Stay tune for guest editors and more!